Vision of Seri Stamford College

To be a centre of excellence for higher education that empowers learners to enrich the social, cultural and economic vitality of our society and the global community.

Mission of Seri Stamford College

Stamford College provides the appropriate environment, facilities, courses and guidance for the educational development of the individual, taking into account the manpower needs of the nation and the expectations of the shareholders of the College. In accordance with this commitment, Stamford College will strive to:

  • Develop programmes that will be recognised nationally and internationally for their excellence;
  • Provide high quality education, taking into account the needs of the individual student;
  • Provide adequate educational and recreational resources for the development of the college’s objectives;
  • Adopt uniform guidelines for monitoring quality in the delivery of courses and the provision of other educational services;
  • Conform to the standards established by regulatory authorities and partner universities whenever applicable.

Since its establishment in 1950, Seri Stamford College has built on a heritage of educating and training people who desire and seek knowledge and success in their lives.

This aim has and will continue to guide Stamford's mission to provide quality education to Malaysians and the international community.

Over 250,000 students have graduated from its campuses and are currently employed not only in Malaysia but also in many parts of the world.